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If you’ve never been introduced to the Superf*ckers, from Monster Mii creator James Kochalka, here’s the lowdown: they’re “the baddest teenage superhero team around, and everybody wants to join. They live in a big clubhouse, play video games on their state-of-the-art supercomputer, smoke their teammate Grotus’ slime drippings, and fight amongst themselves like cats and dogs.”

Like Kochalka himself, lately their superhero hands have been all over Guerrilla’s PS3 shooter, Killzone 2, and so, in the first of what we’re all hoping is a long running series, Offworld presents Superf*ckers team members Jack Krak and Orange Lightning’s dual review.

A note to the younger and more sensitive readers: as their team name might suggest, the Superf*ckers are as M rated as the games they probably aren’t old enough to play. Consider this your first time warning: no one censors Jack Krak.

Offworld: Monster Mii Archives

[James Kochalka‘s daily diary strips, which run at, have entered their tenth year and been collected in three print volumes. He is also the author of more comics than you can count on both hands (some for children, others not so much), and plays rock and roll and Game Boy punk as James Kochalka Superstar.]

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  1. boingboingdave

    spot on – controls ruin the game for me. why do games refuse to allow players to map the controls???
    graphics can’t make up for it.

  2. Halloween Jack

    I heartily endorse Superf*ckers. It’s Legion of Super Heroes as it might be written by Garth Ennis.

  3. You can re-map the controlls to basically mimic the COD5 ones.. this was one of my first pet hates but after switching it up its now my favourite game.

    Look into the options menu!!