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Apologies for not having updated with more regularity throughout the first part of the week: as usual, GDC this year — particularly Monday and Tuesday’s Indie Games Summit — has been an unceasing torrent of back to back sessions punctuated only by chance hallway encounters in between of people you haven’t seen in years, people you’ve never seen in person, and people who you’ve always wanted to see, and I’m sitting on a mountain of backlogged notes I’ll work my way through over the coming days.

In a way, I wish the IGS was why we were all here, and that it could go the whole week through: especially this year there’s a palpable energy and even more a sense of purpose and community to the indie game devs. As more people leave their salaried positions to set up shop for themselves, there’s a definite (and in some cases, outright spoken) sense that This Is What We Should Be Doing, and There’s Room For All Of Us, and Let’s Not Let Anyone Else Get Left Behind.

All of this togetherness culminated with last night’s Flashbang/2D Boy/Grubby Games 10-Bit party at The Cellar (with Pixeljam co-founder Miles Tilmann and Shaw-Han Liem of I Am Robot And Proud providing the OST), followed by an impromptu and very, very, very inadvisable (but absolutely brilliant) afterparty that’s left me running on little more than the fumes of yesterday’s fumes today.

I wouldn’t have traded it for anything, though: I’ve seen things I’ve long been waiting to see and heard the first whispers of other amazing new things, all of which I’m busting to splash all over these pages when I can. Even if 2008 was The Year Indie Broke, there still stands a very good chance it’s going to break all over again in 2009.

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