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Sometimes I wonder if they do it just to torture me: former Aquaria devs Infinite Ammo, currently at work on the iPhone’s Heroes & Villains, have posted a new image to flickr simply labeled ‘??? modeling.’

I’ll take a wild stab now and presume the image is a full level map of Power Pill, their iPhone collaboration with Fez developer Polytron that was just teased yesterday — it certainly looks the part of a twisted cavern without the layered-paper rendering.

I wouldn’t hazard many more guesses, but on a night’s reflection on that first teaser and combined with the above image, I’m wondering how much the game might have in common with under-rated Game Boy Advance/GameCube import Kuru Kuru Kururin (YouTube gameplay): I certainly wouldn’t mind a touch enabled version done up in Polytron’s signature retro-futurist styling.

??? modeling [Flickr, Infinite Ammo]

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  1. Actually, Infinite Ammo was not the developer of Aquaria. Alec Holowka of Infinite Ammo was one of the developers behind Aquaria, but that was together with Derek Yu under the name BitBlot. None of the other members of Infinite Ammo had anything to do with Aquaria as far as I know.

  2. True, and I’ve covered that relationship here quite a bit, but until IA get as high a profile release under their own belts, it’s the easiest short-form reference to make, especially for as fluid and informal as all these development relationships are.

  3. It’s good to see people using open source tools for development. If this is indeed a level modelled in Blender, then I wonder if that could lead to more user-generated content?

  4. No, it’s definitely Blender. Unity has a square around the move gizmo, not a circle like in Blender and the above screenshot. The grid also doesn’t look like that in Unity. Selected mesh objects in Unity also show the wireframe overlaid in blue, not a pink outline.

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