snap7.jpgJust exactly the news I’d been hoping for: area/code’s Drop7 — the puzzle game borne out of their ARG-related web game chainfactor, and the first iPhone game I threw all my unequivocal support behind on its initial release — has just been updated with both a new online leaderboard for each of its three modes, and integrated support for the recently launched Facebook Connect.


Brandon Boyer

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Why does that matter? Apart from the inherent benefits of socializing the game (and seeing where you actually stand against your friends), the game’s third “sequence” mode — which drops an identical pattern of discs each game for every player — now finally makes sense when you can track your score against the world.

If you haven’t yet picked up the game (and I don’t actually say this this urgently about many games, especially on the iPhone) — do not miss out on this one, it truly is one of the platform’s finest.


And! As a side note, flipping through its menus has also brought to my attention that the composer of the game’s fantastic Reich-ian soundtrack loops, Steve Horelick, has just released an EP of music from the game via his website. Even more oddly, that has also just brought to my attention that he’s the composer behind the original Reading Rainbow TV theme, which is my mind blown, just a touch.

Drop7 home [iTunes link, SteveH soundtrack]

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