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I can’t have been the only one who played d_of_i‘s original sand games (collected here alongside all its various spinoffs) and thought that someday, eventually, someone could make an extremely compelling game out of the experience.

As it turns out: that’d be Q-games, who have finally revealed the full trailer to their recently teased and re-teased fourth PixelJunk game, still known as 1-4. As you can see above, the game takes everything engrossing about manipulating realistically modeled particle/fluid mechanics and combines it with subterranean rescue, Lunar Lander/Dropship-esque thrust physics and 360 degree shooting.

In further viral efforts, Q-games has also left the name of this game up to the players: they’re currently holding a naming contest at the game’s official site, with T-shirts for the winner and five runners up. Head over there for more artwork and details, and to submit your own entry.

PixelJunkā„¢ 1-4 Naming Contest [Q-games]

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  1. Wow. Can anyone say Subterrania? Or maybe I’m the only one that remembers the old 16-bit era gem. This looks heavily influenced, then spiced up with liquids. Good stuff!

  2. I cannot wait for this. To my mind, Q-games has done as much for the PS3 as Insomniac or Media Molecule.

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