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Fresh from Rolando developer Hand Circus, two new secret levels have just gone live on the App Store with the game’s 1.2 update [App Store], including Torrid Twist, another of its Cameltry-like free-rotating puzzle challenges, and Excavation, an enormous traditional level that requires progressively more challenging bomb-play to free Rolandos trapped deep underground.


Also newly updated: the official home page for this summer’s forthcoming Rolando sequel, Quest for the Golden Orchid. Ngmoco are adding new information to the site every Monday until the game’s release, and this week they’ve started with two new characters, now given more distinct personalities than the first game’s cast.

Orchid, as you might be able to suss out from the image above, is shaping up as a properly British colonial adventure (as compared to the first’s storybook/fantasy underpinnings), with the captain of the HMS Plunderful, General Sir Richard Smythe, on his quest for the rare flower, accompanied (this week) by Lord Derby Disraeli, his treasure authority.

Though Hand Circus have long promised new mechanics for the sequel, it’s clear that some things will remain the same — even silhouetted, the outlines of the larger Rolando Royalty that you shepherded through the first remain. Henry Hatsworth not withstanding, good old fashioned 19th century sea-bound exploring is rich and unexplored thematic territory of its own, though, and very happily accepted here.

Rolando 2 home [ngmoco, Rolando App Store link]

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