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Over at upstart web initiative Kickstarter — a patronage system that lets users propose projects to find interested backers, who can then set their own level of payment based on what they’d like to receive in return — Andy ‘Waxy‘ Baio has set up a new project to fund Kind of Bloop, an all-star chiptune cover album of Miles Davis’s jazz classic Kind of Blue.

Baio explains:

What would the pioneers of jazz sound like on a Nintendo Entertainment System? Coltrane on a C-64? Mingus on Amiga? For years, I’ve wondered what “chiptune jazz” would sound like, but there are only a tiny handful of jazz covers ever made.

To satisfy my curiosity — and commemorate the 50th anniversary of Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue” — I’ve asked five brilliant chiptune musicians to collaborate and reinvent the entire album in the 8-bit sound.

The lineup, in alphabetical order:
Ast0r (Chris J. Hampton)
Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland)
Sergeeo (Sergio de Prado)
Shnabubula (Samuel Ascher-Weiss)
Virt (Jake Kaufman)

Just launched earlier today, the project is already well on its way to being fully funded at the $2000 level, with donations of $5 getting you an early download when the project is complete, and donations of $30 or more getting a limited edition CD version of the album.

I’ve done my part to back the project, and suggest you hurry to get your donation in while you still can via its project page.

Kind of Bloop [kickstarter, via waxy]

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