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This is about all we know: an image surfaces on LittleBigPlanet Central‘s forums, purportedly from creator Media Molecule themselves. The studio confirms it to be official art. It is Ico with Sack-Yorda, it is beautiful, it is as muted and subtle as the original game itself, it is my new desktop. That’s about all we really need to know for now, isn’t it? [via VG247]

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  1. While I enjoy LittleBigPlant a lot, I don’t really think I can get behind the idea of an Ico themed LBP.

    Ico just seems a little too sacred to be reduced to a parody.

    It should really be left alone.

  2. Here’s how I see it, Ico is a supremely inspirational and creative game, and LBP is an outlet for creativity. The pairing of the two seem to compliment each other nicely.

    I’m also noticing, between this little teaser and the leaked footage of “Trico” that there has been a resurgence of interest in Ico/SOTC. Ico in particular is a classic although it never really benefited from a larger audience. If more people discover Ico through a LBP homage, more power to it. That can only benefit the original source material.

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