Brandon Boyer

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Coming June 27 to July 25 to NYC’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery (who currently are displaying some awesome work by former artxgame collaborator Souther Salazar): an exhibition by famed French 8-bit-guerrilla artist Invader, best known for his various tile-mosaic invasions that’ve cropped up in nearly ever major city around the world.

The gallery’s put together the above video to promote the show, which will focus on his later ‘Rubikcubism’ works (which are indeed just about exactly what you’d imagine), though that’s not to say more traditional space invader works won’t be on display (see the preview image at the gallery’s upcoming exhibits page).

As per that page, an opening reception will be held Saturday, June 27th from 7-9pm, and big bonus points will be awarded for anyone to return with big beautiful high res shots for an Offworld Gallery, as well as ‘one shot‘-worthy photos of the inevitable street invasions that will accompany the show.

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