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Answer: yes, full stop.

As I hinted at before, somehow the team at Harmonix, alongside Gorillaz animator Pete Candeland of Passion Pictures (I’m presuming, based on Candeland’s similarly jaw-dropping work on Guitar Hero II‘s TV ad and the full-3D Rock Band 2 intro), have managed to even out-Katamari Katamari Damacy for what I’m going to call as the finest surrealist game intro we’ve ever seen.

And it’s for the Beatles. At first, you’ll think, hey, what amazing likenesses! This is like when the Mamas and the Papas were on Scooby Doo, only even more completely brilliant! And then a minute and twenty later, the doors of perception are blown open and it changes, and then another 25 seconds later, it blossoms even further into a relentlessly glorious technicolor dreamscape to the very end.

Apart from the updated trailer for Sony’s The Last Guardian/Trico, this could easily be the best cinematic treat to come out of E3 2009.


UPDATE: Harmonix has posted a beautiful hi-def version of the intro to the official Beatles: Rock Band website, where you can pick out even more details and legacy references, like the tiny jar of Marmite Ringo packed for his British Invasion, sitting in his Strawberry Fields Farm box. If this animation doesn’t pick up some Major Awards in 2010, I’ll eat my bowler.

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  1. Wow. I was watching this thinking: Well, yeah it’s cool and quite well done, but surreal? And then suddenly WHAM, things got mind expanding.

    Very nice

  2. OK, full disclosure time: I’m not much of one for the Beatles. It’s true. Admittedly, the only Beatles album consists of their first few years, and misses some of their later work, which I do enjoy.

    This video makes me want to buy Rock Band. Well done to all involved.

  3. Bah, I can’t sign in for some reason. Anyway…
    Absolutely stunning. I’ve never had any desire to play Rockband, but that opening did it for me. Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I don’t think the Mamas and the Papas were never on Scooby Doo…just Mama Cass Eliott.

  4. Oh sure, sign me in and make me look bad! :) And you put all those mistakes in my post too! Just kidding. That should read: “ever” on scooby doo

  5. TheCrawNotTheCraw

    Really nice!

    Things were good, and they got “great” when “I Am The Walrus” started.

  6. Hmm. Though this is indeed cool, I think I’ll stick with the trailer/opening for American McGee’s Alice.

  7. Pretty sweet, though I have to say I missed that piano chord at the end of the song…

    Also, did the Beatles jumping with their umbrellas remind anyone else of Lemmings?

  8. Someone clearly got the job to do this and decided to make it their Job, their hobby and their weekend getaway until it kicked some ass.

    Can’t wait to get my copy, even if it will be too expensive.

    Favor from the experts. I want to buy this for my PS3 as that is the machine that lives in my living room, rather then my xbox. Does anyone know whether there are or will be a significant downside to the PlayStation network in terms of additional content etc.?

  9. I’ve tried posting several times here over the past 4 hours and its not showing up.
    Is there a problem?

    I’ll try it again, this time with no links in case that was screwing it up, and trust folks to google the names themselves

    It would have been chronologically authentic if they had gone with an Alan Aldridge look, but
    many of the trippy images in the viddy seem more directly influenced by the illustrations of PATRICK WOODROFFE.

    especially the bejeweled color schemes,staring eyes, spheres, and elephunts.

  10. @Redshirt77

    It’s been announced that “All You Need is Love” will be exclusive DLC for the 360 (proceeds to go Doctors without Borders). Not sure about any other content yet.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that turns out to be the same sort of timed exclusivity that we saw with the Fallout 3 DLC, though.

  11. Gracias TJ S, I guess I am not super concerned about a little delay, I would just hate to not be able to get new songs eventually or ever get songs from previous games the way I know you can on xBox live.

    It looks like the gameplay can use two vocals. I wonder if it comes with a mic stand or two mics.

  12. Aw damn, the SWF file is merely the player. They’re too clever for me.

    Can someone teach me how to save the high-resolution version to my computer?

  13. Fresh off the “presses”. Not as hi-def as I’d like, but until they release a 720p version, we’ll have to make do.

  14. It is very creative and artistic. But as for surreal, I would personally go with the beginning of the original Black & White game where they explain how gods are created.

  15. The original youtube video’s down. Looks like Viacom remains fully committed to shooting themselves in the foot with regard to viral marketing…

  16. What part is surreal the 12 seconds at the end? Many games have openings that are far more surreal. This one is pretty cool but not surreal.