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Just announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference as an Xbox 360 console exclusive, Left 4 Dead 2, a new chapter of the game that takes the struggle against the horde to the southern bayou, and will focus more strongly on melee weapons — chainsaws, axes, frying pans, and baseball bats — on top of its updated arsenal of guns.


The game, due to launch on Xbox 360 and PC on November 17th, will also include new boss zombies, new survivors (seen above), and “more co-operative campaigns, more Versus campaigns, and maps for Survival mode available at launch.”

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  1. Whoa! I almost wet myself when I saw this! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to clean up.

  2. I would so love to play this game… unfortunately, my idealism prevents me from installing windows on my machine, or to buy an xbox… why don’t they release it for ps3 or even better: for linux?!

  3. Now WHY do they make another L4D game instead of HL2:Episode 3? We just got L4D… It’s a good game, just needs some more maps, that’s all!

  4. Are these zombies actually “dead”? They look a bit more decomposed than the last batch.

    My captcha phrase was “organs skins”. Hilarious.

  5. Valve was looking for a Linux guy earlier, not sure if they found or hired one yet.
    So there’s a distinct possibility that the penguin will get some Steam lovin’ before too long.

  6. It looks good. Massive bonus points for seeming to place the game in the one part of the states where zombies are actually culturally appropriate.

    That said, zombies are a tad overdone. Somebody please come up with a new monster for the genre.

  7. No, no…it’s not racism if you’ve got some of the same doing the shooting!

    Although…that didn’t seem to work too well for Capcom’s RE5…maybe it’ll help Valve that the “ethnic characters” aren’t oversexed idiots.

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