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Longtime readers of Offworld will know that the iPhone is something I cover with a lot of intense interest: apart from now being firmly slotted in as the “third” handheld alongside the Nintendo and Sony’s, it’s still the best place for independent and experimental games to try something new and sit side by side with the output of the industry’s biggest publishers.

And so now you, as one of the estimated million who picked up your first iPhone over the weekend, or an upgrader, or even just as a long-time owner who hasn’t paid much attention to games developments over the past year, are wondering where you should head first to see the best the device has to offer.

And so I give you: this list of 15 of the top picks that the App Store currently has to offer. While I can’t promise that it’ll account for all tastes, I’ve tried to present the widest variety of genres with both the longtime classics (some that readers might recognize from my regular Touch Me I’m Slick recommendations) and newer titles that have gone overlooked, even on Offworld.

And even for the unlikely few of you who couldn’t find anything to love out of the 15, the last page of the feature lists 30 more games worth looking at (alongside links back to earlier coverage for more information) in an even wider variety of genres: feel free to swap any of them out for your own set of the perfect 15 (ie. don’t get mad because I didn’t list Flight Control earlier).

And so, click through to read the feature in its entirety, and let us know via the comments below if there’s anything you think we’ve missed.

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  1. Needs more Derek Yu’s “Diabolika”, if only for for the bizarre home-made trailers http://www.diabolika-game.com/

    And I’d have included Rohrer’s “Primrose” ahead of “Passage” if only because it seems much more suited for the device. The latest update also fixed one of its scoring exploits, so it’s now more solid than how it previously was.

  2. I would humble suggest Caster, which is an insanely fun 3rd person shooter on steroids. That an indie one-man shop developed the app is incredible.

  3. I did a comparison between Star Defense on 3G vs 3GS and the difference is very, very noticeable. It doesn’t look better, but it definitely is running at a much higher, smoother frame rate.

  4. Adam Stanhope

    Friends – try out “Ragdoll Blaster.”

    My business partner, his wife, his kids and I all got it on the same day, all ended up playing nearly non-stop until we solved all of the levels, THEN started a process of replaying all the levels to lower our cumulative scores. (Your score for each level is how many ragdolls it takes you in order to shoot a target).

    And a runner-up:

    “Stuck Genie” – a cool, different puzzle game, in which I happen to be “stuck” at a certain level with many more levels ahead. Good stuff!

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