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Via Offworld columnist Jim Rossignol‘s Twitter stream comes this fantastic piece of amateur modeling – a Japanese garage kit of the legendary third stage boss from R-Type. Visible as a whole, rather than spread across multiple screens-worth of scroll, it’s really quite striking – and there’s even a little R9 fighter for scale.

[R-Type Warship Core 3rd stage final boss – Retrogame e Modellismo statico giapponese,]

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  1. A New Challenger

    Hey, some almost relevant spam! (that will be gone and then I’ll look like a fool for pointing at it and making such a big deal when nothing’s there anymore.)

    That is incredibly beautiful. I hope they do follow-ups for the giant mech-walker from R-Type Delta and the battleship from R-Type Final.

    Seeing it all at once makes all those guns along the top look just a bit silly, but in a good way.

    Oh God now I want to see all the airships from Super Mario Bros. 3.

  2. Seeing it like that illustrates quite well how ridiculous the layout of the guns are. You’d think a more sensible design would have some of the turrets on the sides of the ship.

    It does look fantastic though.

    (and to prove #2 isn’t crazy, I saw the spam too!)