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My to-do list for the weekend already included having a look at Minigore [App Store link] — the just debuted iPhone game from Finnish developer Mountain Sheep — but I think that just got bumped straight up to now as friend of Offworld Doc Pop writes in to note a forthcoming cameo that’s truly after my one true heart.

Just submitted for a future update: an achievement that will unlock everyone’s favorite ursine motorist, the Enviro-Bear — star of Crackerblocks’ Offworld fave indie PC game and iPhone viral hit Eviro-Bear 2010 — for co-op multiplayer play.


That makes it officially the second indie-gaming crossover in as many weeks: earlier this month, Gratiuitous Space Battles creator Cliff Harris noted that special bunny battleships would be coming to the game in cross-promotion with Wolfire’s upcoming leporine/lupine battler Overgrowth, along with this heartening testimonial to Indie Spirit:

When I suggested we stick a rabbit ship in GSB to see how it could work, I didn’t need to get my lawyer to talk to Wolfire’s lawyer. I didn’t need a strategic planning meeting with the head of corporate strategy, or have to justify to shareholders why we should help out what they would see as our competitors…

This is what I like about the Indie attitude. Indie devs often share tips on game coding, getting decent contract work done, promoting websites and running forums, even the financial side of the best payment providers and who knows a decent accountant etc.

Can you imagine the head of EA giving the head of Activision tips on how to save on their bandwidth bill?

This is the indie attitude, and the indie advantage. We tend to take it for granted, because at the end of the day, me and Jeff are two guys who love games and love making games. Somewhere along the line, the mainstream industry forgot that.

Minigore [App Store, Mountain Sheep, thanks Doc!]

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