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Via new favorite tumblr Geo A Day, a reminder/plea that videogames totally can & definitely totally should look like this (though admittedly, TearAway is coming close). See the sun-lit equivalent here, and there are many more amazing abstractions spread across the whole site.

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  1. I think one of 2d’s big advantages over 3d is the incredible variation in style that can be acheived. While every culture has generated many 2d styles there are only a few solid 3d styles of art.

    Mabey this is just because we’ve had 2d art for 10,000 more years but it would be nice to see more along these lines. This is really quality stylised 3d expression.

  2. Thanks for pointing this site out, this is amazing stuff and I’d like to travel through those worlds as a player. Well balanced proportions of details and structure and it just hits the sweet spot between abstraction and realism. Also like the detail about this night picture that it uses other colors than just blue tones. Really, just imagine Skyrim looking like this…

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