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Coming the same day as Nicalis has released a revamped downloadable Nintendo 3DS version of Pixel’s indie classic Cave Story (now, honestly, the most essential version of the game, don’t hesitate to pick it up), Nintendo has kept the good news rolling with a breakdown of the games coming to the 3DS’s e-Shop throughout the rest of the year.

Most notable among them is NightSky, the ambient dream-like platformer from Knytt creator Nifflas, long-loved around these parts. The game will be published, like Cave Story, by Nicalis, and is due for release in just three weeks time.

Nintendo has also, somewhat surprisingly, announced that the three of the four minigames known collectively as Guild01 will be released separately as individual downloads, one per month, much in the same way that they broke up Toshio Iwai’s Electroplankton into its constituant pieces.

Originally released in Japan this past Spring as a retail cartridge, the Guild01 collection contains minigames created by a number of big-name designers: Killer7 & No More Heroes producer Suda 51 has contributed the shooter Liberation Maiden, SimTower & Seaman creator has put together the luggage-sorter Aero Porter, and Yasumi Matsuno — best known as a designer on Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story has created the RPG “short story” Crimson Shroud.

Missing from the bunch, somewhat unfortunately, is Omasse’s Rental Weapon Shop from comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai: a rhythm-forger meant to tell the side-story of all the weapon shop owners you encounter in any given RPG.

The games will be joining 3D puzzler Pushmo sequel Crashmo, Virtual Console releases of Zelda II, Wario Land II and Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels as well as demos of WayForward’s Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!! throughout October, November & December.