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Swedish designer & developer Adam Henriksson — last seen providing video documentation of the debut of Mega-GIRP — has just uploaded a beautifully shot longer look at the 48-hour game he helped create at the 2012 Nordic Game Jam with Thomas Perl, Johann Sebastian Joust creator Doug Wilson, and Proteus musician David Kanaga.

Originally known as Awkward Tarzan Grinding Game, before I had the dubious distinction of suggesting it should be renamed Edgar Rice Frotteur (to put it in line with Joust, obviously), the game was played — as so many of Wilson’s creations are — with the help of a slew of PlayStation Move controllers, all precariously hung with long rope from the ceiling.

The rules stipulated that all players must be hanging on to two like-colored “vines” at any given moment, and the object was to corner other players into tangled positions where it was impossible for them to do just that. Any player holding the button of just one of their colored “vine” had their health quickly drained until they managed to grab another, and any player not holding any vine at all was disqualified.

So far as I know, the game hasn’t been installed at any location since, though Wilson’s expressed interest in waterproofing the controllers and making it a swimming pool installation: any interested parties should probably contact him toot sweet to make that happen (& invite Adam and his camera along). [via Adam Henriksson]


  1. This might be one of my favorite game experiences of all time. I remember saying ‘I could play this game forever’ and meaning it. I wish we could have a permanent Edgar Rice Frotteur room, where at any time, four people could come together and activate the game, which in itself is an incredibly satisfying experience.

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