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Though the group was a mainstay in early Offworld days, I haven’t yet taken the time out to give Gaijin Games their due in recent months, but they’ve just given me the perfect opportunity with a wave of new videos detailing Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, slated for release next February.

The follow-up to their low-bit styled BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Runner 2 has, as is clear by even a cursory glance at the above, been given a massive aesthetic overhaul, showing the full extent of what the team are capable of when not working through their 8-bit mythology.

But what’s also clear is that the team’s visual/kinetic-overload hasn’t lessened a bit: even that world-1 playthrough at top is a non-stop frenetic series of hair-trigger interactions from start to finish. That continues in the world two and three videos included below the fold, which you should watch before heading over to Gaijin’s Runner 2 blog for more.

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  1. After finishing bit.trip Runner and getting pretty good at it a couple summers ago, it’s weird to watch videos with the new graphic style. Maybe it’ll be different when I’m playing on a big screen, but I find that the new graphics make enemies and obstacles blend into the background too much. Not to say that I don’t love the new graphics, but that would be really useful if they include an option to play with the old graphic style.