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One more HORIZON post for posterity’s sake: if you missed the livestream of Venus Patrol & MOCAtv’s alternative E3 conference last week — graciously provided and masterminded by the super excellent production team at AREA5 — we’ve uploaded the conference in its entirety to YouTube so you can view it again at your leisure and on your device of choice.

As a reminder, you can also find more information, video, and big, gorgeous screenshots of all the HORIZON games at the conference’s website, as well as all the additional games curated by LA’s Sarah Brin for its post-show party.

Thanks again to all who have supported our efforts to showcase a selection of beautiful games to E3 — we hope to have more news soon on what’s next for HORIZON!


  1. This and the games for change organizations are what keep me excited about this industry. I love games that are fun and challenge my brain, but the things indies are doing, they’re stretching the definition of what is to be human, and to play.

    Thanks Brandon for remaining passionate and giving developers a place to share their crazy fresh ideas. This portal is a window into a world where creativity and passion are forces for good and for fun.

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