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Brandon Boyer

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The first of two new album drops worth noting today: Proteus & Dyad musician David Kanaga has just let loose a small flurry of EPs, including Dinosaur Planet Remixes, a downloadable version of the set he performed live at our Venus Patrol / Wild Rumpus GDC party.

If the name Dinosaur Planet only half-rings a bell, you may know it better by its eventual commercial release: Starfox Adventures, the GameCube title eventually Rare re-branded and released it as, after its long lead as a Nintendo 64 original IP.

The source material comes from effects gleaned from leaked video of the original Planet footage (an hour of which is below the fold), as well as the actual score from superstar composer Grant Kirkhope, famous for his work on basically every great Rare franchise including GoldenEye, Perfect Dark & Banjo-Kazooie.

The remixes are available now for streaming above or purchasing for any amount via Kanaga’s Bandcamp — also worth grabbing while you’re there is Frog Plays His Videogames, Kanaga’s set from our 2012 party.