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Brandon Boyer

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Bad news via an excerpted interview with Goichi ‘Killer7/No More Heroes‘ Suda on Nintendo site Cubed3 (via Siliconera), where he reveals that the DS port of his PlayStation original detective adventure The Silver Case is functionally complete, but that its release is “still up in the air” until he can figure out a way to “remake it properly to fit in with the current generation of gamers.” (Most frustratingly, the PS1 downloadable is currently up for sale on Sony’s PSN store.)

The port of the game was first announced over two years ago at Australia’s GO3 conference, which is a long time to wait to be told to wait some more, but with an already cool reception to Suda’s recently released Flower, Sun and Rain DS remake (which I still have yet to make much of a dent on), he may be on to something.


To smooth over the hurt, though, I offer this: a live remix of Silver Case‘s theme as spun by none less than Kazutoshi Iida (seen right, being awesome), director of a number of his own cult-legend games from PS1 sims Tail of the Sun and zen-ish ocean explorer Aquanaut’s Holiday to Nintendo 64/GameCube’s Doshin the Giant.

The performance was part of Grasshopper’s first live event, called 25 Hour Party People (spot Suda’s typical anglophile reference), which you can spy photos of via an ancient post on Metal Gear producer Hideo Kojima’s blog, and I’m presuming you’ll probably dig it as much as I do:

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