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[Fridays on Venus Patrol are developer Andrea ‘Bandreus‘ Portale’s day to present TIGSource DevLog Magazine, a visual guide to the newest & most interesting in-development games making the rounds on the invaluable TIGSource forums. Looking for inspiration, or just the very first look at the amazing games we’ll be talking about in the future? Click any image to learn more, and come back on Fridays for the latest picks!]

This week issue features 19 games together with a special guest! The obvious superstar among them is Rain World, having recently concluded a successful Kickstarter campaign bringing in over $63,000. Thanks to the funds raised, the duo behind the super cute Slug-Cats will be able to further pack the game with additional content and possibly bring it to additional platforms (PC, Mac and Linux are confirmed, but my spider-senses tell me console manufacturers might want to seal a deal ASAP, if they aren’t already).

Painters Guild is a artsy charming business sim of sorts in which you’ll have the pleasure of managing a guild of painters, all while witnessing the stroke-by-stroke creation of their pixelated masterpieces. I don’t want to spoil anything about Fragments of Him but, after playing the prototype, I can assure you it won’t leave you emotionless. Molecule Match is an interesting attempt at explaining the psychological tricks used by many developers in order to create addiction in the player.

I could keep going on and on, but you really should check each and every one of these amazing games’ devlogs for yourself!

Oh! And I mentioned a special guest: this one’s not a gamedev project, though it’s correlated and definitely more tangible. Jay Margalus, developer at Lunar Giant and teacher at DePaul University, is experimenting with very hack-y, custom-built PC input interfaces mashing together multiple controllers and an Arduino board. The project was inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon and aims at changing the how we experience games in exciting new ways. I found the project fascinating and am amazed by the possibilities — I can’t wait to see where this ends up going.