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Like Valve’s instant-classic Portal, 2D Boy’s brilliant WiiWare/PC debut World of Goo wrapped what might otherwise be simple tests of physical derring-do into one of this year’s smartest and most subversive storylines — every bit as blackly comedic as the tar-balls themselves. But, also as with Portal, its carefully crafted structure somewhat dampens its replayability, retreading levels without that narrative grip.

And, short of forthcoming expansions from 2D Boy themselves, so it is that it’s the community to the rescue: on top of an open-source level editor currently in development, a group of enterprising Dutch have created an unofficial community site for Goo players.

Upping the ante on 2D Boy’s own automatically updated leaderboard site, uploading your PC/Mac/Linux save file to the community site not only stacks you against the competition, but lets players get a glimpse of your whole history with the game. Even better, the site automatically keeps a preview image updated of the top ten towers from the Tower of Goo meta-game, letting you marvel at the true engineering prowess at work.

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  1. World of Goo rocks, and is the best thing on the Wii (sadly?).

    I think the game has a great amount of replay value thanks to the OCD feature. If you complete the levels in the most perfect way possible then you get a little flag on the map! Doesn’t get more satisfying than that. Although it is balls hard…

    Anyway, good luck with the new blog. Hope you can add a real BoingBoing twist to the crowded world of videogame websites.

  2. I’m fascinated by the potential for historicizing individual gameplay, and having a reference-able archive for all your gaming achievements. To an extent this possibility already exists for many games, but by infusing personal performance into the structure of the experience, I feel 2D Boy is setting another bar and hurdle for the archiving of a person’s play identity. Fascinating.

  3. FWIW, the demo version of World Of Goo (first level and the free-play/tower space only) is still a free download. If anyone hasn’t fiddled with it yet, it’s definitely worth a look — very clever use of a simple 2D physics model.