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It seems likely that LittleBigPlanet has cemented 2008’s legacy as the breakout year for bringing user-generated content to games, but on the even-littler side, Nokia and UK mobile developer Gameware have been making strides to do the same with Yamake, Nokia’s N-Gage game that it says will let players make and share mini-games from photo and video content created on their phone, sounding not entirely unlike the WarioWare Myself project Nintendo is preparing for its camera-enhanced DSi.

While Nokia’s been somewhat tight-lipped on just what Yamake will offer, they have geared up on the participatory side with the Yamake Art Project, a promotional campaign curating vinyl toy customs of the game’s soft-form mascot, and, even more wonderfully, the above reality-enhanced video from Helsinki motion-graphics studio Fake.

Yamake Art Project [Nokia]

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