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Capcom’s biggest ongoing error in judgment? Not realizing that Monster Hunter‘s Felynes make up about 75 percent of the game’s total charm (It’s a cat! Who carries in its paws a stick with an even bigger paw hand-sewn on the end!), and basically ache for a spin-off game of their own. You’ve given them their own brand of ramen, Capcom, peek over at Majesco’s success and give us a Wii/DS cooking game of their own — even Disgaea‘s bit-part self-destructive Prinny d00ds got their own game.

In a show of self-solidarity, then, I note that import house NCSX is taking pre-orders for two new Merarou and Airou Felyne toys, which, even at five times the cost of the crossover toys created by razor-toothed designer Touma, should probably be purchased en masse if only to prove to the developer just what it’s been sitting on all this time.

NCSX Import Video Games & Toys: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Airu DX – Import Preorder

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