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Scanning through the entries into the Independent Games Festival mobile game sub-competition pulls up quite a few interesting looking titles this year, including Secret Exit’s Zen Bound, the iPhone version of Zen Bondage, a PC game from demoscene coders Moppi which consists of nothing more than wrapping 3D objects in rope with curiously satisfying results (a perfect fit for the iPhone interface, and one we’ve been patiently awaiting for quite some time).

There’s also and-or’s DS homebrew Wardrive, which turns local wi-fi hotspots into enemies you fend off with the stylus, and the intriguingly artful looking Ruben and Lullaby in which you control the temperature of a lovers’ quarrel by using iPhone motion and gesture controls to anger and calm the couple.

Finally, and unfortunately the one I can find the least additional information on, PSP game Rhythm of War, from Ukrainian team SME Dynamic Systems Ltd (about whom I can only dig up some dubiously Google-translated information, which also seems to suggest they’ve also got a DS sketching game called Pika-Rica). The single screenshot looks like an intriguingly colorful play on Taiko Drum Master with a military unit firing on approaching monsters.

2009 IGF Mobile Competition Reveals Record Number Of Entries [GamesOnDeck]

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