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Originally created in June for a TIG Source competition based on procedurally generated content, indie developer 16×16’s winning entry, Rescue: the Beagles, has finished subsequent tweaking and been released as an official final version. As you might expect from the name, your humanitarian mission in the game is to hop between three layers of terrain picking up hurt and otherwise wandering beagle pups before they’re carted away to an animal testing facility.

This sounds easier than it is: the deceptively complex game requires more multitasking ability than you might expect, and relies heavily on split second decisions on which layer to jump to next as its randomly generated peaks and valleys come together and diverge.

The game is almost Spelunker-level strict (see: this awesome Japanese video for more on that) on how far you can fall to the next layer down, and any dog that manages to pass you by is an instant lose, but stick with it long enough and you’ll manage to work yourself into a very satisfying rhythm.

Rescue: the Beagles [16×16, via IndieGames]

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