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There’s been one game tearing breakneck across the blogs throughout the day, and it’s for very good reason. Joakim ‘Konjak‘ Sandberg, the indie dev whose creations have consistently hit that sweet spot of “retro with modern processing power,” has dropped PC freeware Legend of Princess, his take on where Legend of Zelda could have gone, “for no reason but being a big damn nerd.”

Like his earlier games, notably his 2008 IGF grand prize finalist Noitu Love 2 [YouTube trailer], a beat-em-up shooter which is almost more Treasure than a good number of that developer’s own games, Princess does Zelda by way of Capcom’s cult action arcade title Magic Sword and the deep-impact of Treasure’s rock-solid melee mechanics [YouTube].

As such, it feels like the parallel-universe Zelda we never got — the game Miyamoto might’ve made if he hadn’t cold-feet reversed his move after sidescrolling with Zelda II, and had given the SNES’s all to an action game. And, to our pleasant surprise, it feels brilliant: Konjak’s interpreted all of the series’ best enemy tactics and the best of Link’s item-bag of tricks to 2D, and topped it off with as memorable a boss fight as has come from Nintendo’s own.

The hitch: it’s not a full game by any means (done “to take a break from having little motivation with Solar Plexus“), but Sandberg’s added depth by making your two secondary items selectable from the start, each set making the game more challenging than the original — expect speed-run videos to invade YouTube in short order.

If you don’t mind spoiling some of its best kept secrets (and for non-PC users burning to have a look), IndieGames’ playthrough video showcases the game well, otherwise grab the game directly here, and give us your best Zora-thrashing tactics via the comments below.

home of stuff by Joakim Sandberg [via IndieGames]

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  1. Upon further inspection, this is in fact pretty damn awesome. It was perfectly playable on Vista through VMWare Fusion (on a new MacBook Pro), but I don’t know how to get it to recognize my SNES Retropad. It stopped recognizing my keyboard inputs once I tried messing with it. I’m going to blame Windows. The game seems really awesome. I’d love to see the author run with it and turn the whole thing into a bona-fide game. I’d pay for it (if there was a Mac version).

  2. sweet deal. beat it on my first run. works well with my logitech controller. love the arcade style graphics.

  3. Is there any way to change the controls? The settings are very unnatural for the controller I’m using.

  4. zinco: i had a similar problem. the pause button was next to the jump button instead of attack. forced myself to get used to it. :| yeah, wish he would add in an option to change the controls.

  5. This game is so full of awesome. The references in the art, play and music is well done and does really give it that “zelda” feel, I especially how it pulls from so many of the different games. (And Link’s face when he’s flying with the cucko!! :) ) Above all the game play is really fun (and moderitly challenging, though I’ve only played with both 1-star items so far.) and even this short game is incredibly re-playable (well, 3 at last, 9 times at the most anyway) because of the item choicesa.

    My super secret strategy for killing Zoras: throw a bunch of cuckos at them. :D

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