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Like Polygon ★ Gmen’s Transmover, indie dev and illustrator Alexander Shen’s Don’t Save the Princess! is a dead simple idea compounded smartly over a series of levels, with adorably restrained graphic style.

The essence: manipulate directional blocks in quasi-Chu Chu Rocket style (though more cerebrally to that game’s inherent chaos) to force an 8-bit executioner away from the bound princess and into the jaws of the patiently awaiting monster.

New in Shen Games’ latest version, a full level editor that lets you share custom levels via an exported file. Leave the URLs of your cleverest creations in the comments below!

Don’t Save the Princess! [Shen Games, via TIGSource]

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  1. More cerebral than ChuChu Rocket? Perhaps the multi-player mode, but the puzzle mode got insanely difficult.

  2. Not to downplay ChuChu’s difficulty at all, I just meant that Princess gives you all the time you need to think ahead versus pure reactionary.

  3. ChuChu Rocket’s single player puzzle mode was a plan it out and then watch it go affair. None of that frantic action of the multiplayer.

  4. Wow! I’ve been casually reading Shen’s webcomics for a while now, but I had no idea he was involved in indie games too. This is like one of those serendipitous moments where you find out that you and that stranger you see on the train every morning are somehow both friends of “Joe S.– yes, that Joe S.”
    My world just folded over on itself.