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Shortly before Offworld launched, EA let slip a limited beta of another in its very forward-looking campaigns with Mirror’s Edge 2D. That it was a cute Flash mini-game meant to promote the release of the proper console/PC game wasn’t much to celebrate, that they’d specifically partnered with an indie developer to create it was.

In this case, it was Brad Borne of BorneGames, who’d already worked up a name for himself with his two entries in the Fancy Pants Adventures series, a smart pick given their single-minded focus on momentum and stylish platforming.

The original trial only included a single level, but now EA has officially launched a new full version of the game, which is fully networked with leaderboards for top Story Mode and Time Trial players, and an unlockable ‘Baddie Rush’ mode, should you find all of the game’s evidence files.

It’s wicked stuff, exactly the kind of free-running you’d expect from both Faith and Borne, and just the kind of indie success story the scene needs much more of.

Mirror’s Edge 2D [EA/Borne]

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