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But let’s clear up that third-person horrorshow with footage as it was meant to be: Sony and DICE have uploaded video of Synesthesia, the time trial level coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 version as part of Sony’s regular Thursday PSN update, ahead of the full DLC pack coming to all platforms in February (delayed slightly from its original release).

It’ll be a taste of the ‘void’ levels the DLC will bring, and, says producer Tom Farrer, was the product of very Majesty of Colors-esque inspiration:

“Synesthesia” was actually inspired by balloons of all things. However, we did decide to settle on an overriding theme — If Faith was having a dream, what would she be dreaming about?

As it turns out, she apparently dreams about enormous abstract sculptures floating above an endless sea!

Mirror’s Edge Exclusive (and free) Time Trial Map Available Tomorrow [us.PlayStation]

Mirror's Edge, running the void – Offworld

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  1. “Synesthesia” was actually inspired by budget cuts of all things. However, we realised that we’d have to be cheap without appearing to do so — So we thought, what kind of stylish bullshit can be come up with?

    As it turns out, untextured cuboids floating on a blue background are very cheap to make!

  2. When I first heard about this game, these abstract levels were what I was hoping for, sort of like a 3D version of Metanet Software’s N or a more polished version of Urban Terror jump levels.

    I was disappointed that they even bothered including combat.

  3. Generic Lighthouse Unit

    You lose the parkour thing all right, but this is so much more in sync with Mirror’s inner racing game. Hoping for some beat-psychedelic music to go with it.

  4. I can’t get over the colours and style of these free-floating worlds. I love it.

    I like Failrate’s description of it as a 3d version of N.