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Now in its fourth season, Ste Curran, Simon Byron and Ann Scantlebury’s One Life Left is literally the UK’s second best games-related radio program/podcast (or so says iTunes, at least) and an Offworld favorite, and — having more or less cornered that market — they’ve now set their sights on the music industry.

Printed in an extra limited edition of 800 (with 200 having gone missing in the mail), their debut CD ‘Music To Play Games By’ was compiled by the previously mentioned Simon ‘chewingpixels’ Parkin, and features a wide variety of micromusic and otherwise games-friendly artists from far corners of the globe, with names like Chicago/New York’s Mark Denardo, Portland’s Copy, Scotland’s Project A-ko, Norwich’s The Lost Levels and “Europe’s favourite satirical videogame-centric musical group” The doyouinverts.

Parkin has put up preview clips of several of the tracks on the CD, which can be purchased worldwide via AmazonUK.

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