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Still in my very top tier of downloadable releases this year, Q-Games’ PS3 art/platformer PixelJunk Eden also gets the award for the game I’ve sworn at most profusely and most profanely. Those shouts (apart from scaring the dog) have apparently been heard ’round the world: Q has just announced that a new patch will be available very soon that’ll bring a continue system, more time, and, most intriguingly, an undetailed “new control system” — one of Eden‘s main attractions being its indirect control.

PixelJunk Eden patch [via TheBBPS]

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  1. Certainly a welcome addition, but the question remains- will taking part in continues, enhanced control schemes, etc. prevent one from earning Trophies?

  2. Official or not, I consider it a cheat code. ANd Phicancri has a good point: do they have to cough up a different set of trophies?

    Also, still waiting for the “Eh, close enough” version of N+, the “hey, have a bedroll” patch for Fallout 3 and the Spiderman version of Mirror’s Edge.

  3. I never really found the game so hard that I thought it needed something to make it easier.

    What I really wish they would do would make it so you could just play through each of the gardens once (if you wanted) and get all five of the Spectra (I think that’s what they are called). I got really tired of playing the same stage over and over again just to work my way through all of them.

  4. Rats. As difficult as this game is, I got real joy from getting the hard-to-get Spectra in the later levels. I hope they make this a different game mode so the current leaderboard remains the same.

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