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Q-games has finally let loose the trailer the studio showed at GDC for its upcoming expansion of Offworld 20 favorite PS3 downloadable Pixeljunk Eden, after detailing the included additions to the game.

Those additions? Along side the new Baiyon music for each level, Q-games has implemented a new “three-seed smart-bomb” powerup where every “prowler” on the screen will explode into pollen after jumping into three seeds in a row — which will also now work in the original game itself.

The expansion will also add a “zero-G” item that will let you float through the level for a limited time, with appropriately designed puzzles in that particular garden, plus a new “mirror” garden with portals in and out of its double, with subtle changes in between

And finally, Q-games is teasing at a new easter egg for the end of the expansion that “will enable you to play the entire game again in a completely different way.”

The expansion will be available with this Thursday’s regular PlayStation Network update.

PixelJunk Eden Encore Launching on PSN this Thursday [, Pixeljunk Eden home]

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