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Taito really knows how to throw a 30th anniversary blowout party, but this invite unfortunately is for Japan only: Space Invaders Infinity Gene is a new retro-futurist reimagining of the classic arcade game, done up with a new low-bit techno soundtrack and razor-sharp vector beam dressing.

As the title suggests (somewhat, it actually comes off more in the brilliant Darwin quote opener), the premise this round is a standard monochromatic version of the arcade original slowly evolving into more complexity as you work your way deeper into the game.

Like a smaller cousin to Space Invaders Extreme, your ship’s been upgraded with twin shots, homing lasers, and beautifully contrail-ed missiles, and the aliens and UFOs morph into creatures and structures too large to fill the screen (along with some clearly Rez inspired cargo ships).

The catch: it’s currently a mobile phone-only release, but as Siliconera suggests, it’s ripe for a DSiWare release. See the clean video and screenshots via the Famitsu preview.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene preview [Famitsu, Google translated, via Siliconera]

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