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[UPDATE: I got this half right and half wrong — both images in conjunction were meant to signify that Puzzle — not BubbleBobble was headed to the App Store, the company has written in to say. I was most of the way there!]

Over at the company’s newly founded Facebook group, Taito have done a double-shot of teasing about its next iPhone steps following the release of Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, with the above image undeniably a message that one of the company’s signature games, Bubble Puzzle Bobble, is slated for an appearance on the device sooner than later.


The second image corroborates that, but adds a little more intrigue: though it’s dominated by Bobble‘s green dino Bub, the scattered bits at bottom seem to hint that other revivals are on their way, though the only one that juts out blatantly is the stork-legged star of their 8-bit import oddity Chack’n Pop at bottom right-ish and top-right.

That bottom left image, though, probably isn’t anything but the broken down component parts of what will eventually be the bubble-launcher in an inevitable tilt-enabled version of Puzzle Bobble — I think the only bit I’m drawing a blank on is that armor-suit, coin-pile and ladder at far-bottom-right.

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