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Via press release: Electronic Arts and Z Corporation have just announced the opening of Sporesculptor to offer custom 3D printed figures of your Spore creations, utilizing the same technology as Z Corp’s ‘Bandmates‘ figurines for Harmonix’s Rock Band.

The announcement isn’t too much of a surprise: the private showroom of Spore‘s debut E3 booth was packed with cases full of the figures, and the conference tables at subsequent Maxis visits were always littered with the same. But it does add focus on what’s still Spore‘s strength: its sense of creativity and ownership over your particular world.

There are limitations: given the near infinite permutations of creature shapes and features, the site has headed off problem children at the pass and lists a number of features that won’t work with the tech, for obvious reasons: particularly long, spiny and wispy thin features, and bubbleheaded creatures who are supported by spindly bodies. Instead, the site says, “legs are good.”

Starting the process is as simple as browsing to your creature’s PNG file and uploading to the servers, and, as with the Bandmates, the sculpts come permanently mounted on a base, and are offered at roughly $49 to the ‘mates’ $69.

Sporesculptor [EA/Z-Corp]

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