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There wasn’t a very graceful way to mention it at the time, but in early December I had a serendipitous run-in with recently departed NCsoft head, legendary Ultima creator and recent space voyager Richard Garriott at a venue here in Austin, which ended with him happily monopolizing the night in front of a gaggle of curious onlookers, with candid stories of What Things Are Like On The International Space Station (‘was there booze? are the Russian parts of the ISS different than the U.S. bits? how did you poop?’) (the imagery of the latter is now irreversibly burnt into my consciousness — it’s not a pretty story).

I knew it was a special treat at the time, but now it’s got a sticker price: Austin’s Zach Theatre will be officially hosting Garriott to do the same on January 24th, with “artifacts and photos from his private collection, plus videos of aspects of space travel never seen before,” and a subsequent Q&A.

For the non-Texans, you can also catch some footage of Garriott’s expedition via film group Beef and Pie, who traveled with the trekker during his training and have the rights to his own personal space-films for the upcoming documentary Man on a Mission.

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