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I’m getting to this apparently at least four years too late, but it’s too wonderful not to mention: Rich Grillotti, half of the excellent indie dev PixelJam, put together this 2005 game tech art piece, sub2600.

It’s a simple idea: Grillotti photographed off-screen images of the colorbar patterns that result from incorrectly inserting Atari 2600 cartridges, and compiled them in this Flash gallery labeled as the console’s “subconscious.”

But the result, cross-faded from image to image, is nothing if not a low-bit version of the late Jeremy Blake’s digital video work (you know him best as the title sequence artist for PT Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love or his artwork for Beck’s Sea Change) and is strikingly beautiful for all the same reasons.

If you haven’t already, get more familiar with PixelJam via their debut shooter Gamma Bros, then move on to their 2008 long distance runner Dino Run. Also see: the output of PJ’s other half, Miles Tilmann, particularly his slow-corroded analog-synth musical output, recommended for fans of Boards of Canada and their ilk.

Sub2600 [Rich Grillotti, thanks .tiff!]

Update on Jeremy Blake, Theresa Duncan: body found + CoS claims …

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