Brandon Boyer

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This is how I picture it: it’s 3:30am and you’ve just got off the express train back to your cramped flat after a long drunken night at a secret Kiiiiiii show or Delaware exhibi+ion, where you down a few more beers to keep the buzz alive, and that’s when your friend, er, ‘Steve’ (apparently) breaks out the Super Game Boy.

Knowing full well that his grasp of English is even more tenuous than yours with Japanese, he gives you the full play-by-play anyway, because he knows that’s what makes it so funny, and it is.

I have to imagine it this way because it’s almost impossible to get your head around otherwise. I still don’t understand why the Goomba broke the house windows to bite the pizza.

Possibly drunk japanese guy rambles over Mario Land (in English) [sp0rsk’s niconico re-upload, same guy/same schtick to Super Ghouls’n Ghosts in Japanese]

Revolvingdork's Super Mario Land etched Eee PC – Offworld

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