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Nintendo has announced that its successor to the DS Lite, the DSi, will be getting an April 5th launch in the U.S. Originally somewhat panned for being “just” a DS with additional cameras and an SD card slot, I can safely say after spending several months with the import version that it’s absolutely worth the price of an upgrade.

Even though we haven’t yet seen any original retail games that fully make use of its new features, the downloadable DSiWare store has already proven itself with the addition of a number of new ‘Art Style’ games and free community based animation software, and Nintendo promises much tighter Wii/DSi integration in the future as it makes the standard SD card slots its defacto storage unit.

Even better, Nintendo has announced that its brilliant music game Rhythm Heaven, the DS sequel to the Game Boy Advance original — itself the subject of a recent Offworld One More Go column — will be launching alongside the hardware: the first the West will see of one of the company’s essential series.

The DSi will launch in blue and black on April 5th at a price of $169.99, $40 above the standard DS Lite price.

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