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If you were fooled (as I was) into thinking the cartoon fan vid that made the music blog rounds a few days ago was official, you’ve missed out: Röyksopp’s actual debut video for their forthcoming Junior album is this glorious Reuben Sutherland-directed number which does real-life Space Invaders better than anything I’ve ever seen.

Sutherland’s no stranger to games invasions: he was behind two fantastic ad spots for Insomniac’s PS3 shooter Resistance, both of which can be spotted at his demo reel site.

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  1. Looks like their simple plan is a success.

    It took me two viewings to notice that the cab was acting as the player-controlled ship, and three viewings to notice the large circular towers acted as the barriers.

  2. The sample sounds like Parliament’s ‘Do that stuff’ from ‘The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein’, one of the best album covers ever!

  3. indeed – public space billboard style advertising is the real space invader. freakin great vid. “Watch the skies”, its not commies we need to be wary of but the faceless corporate mind benders.

  4. Great song and curious video, since space invaders come out from lightful advertising spaces along the roads !!! Does it mean that (hidden) threats are living around ? Andrea

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