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Thought you were only getting one dose of invaded music videos this week, didn’t you? Sorry to disappoint: above is the latest from LCD Soundsystem/Air/Moby remixer Kris Menace and Ninja Tune videoholics Hexstatic, doing the hyper-color arcade mashup ‘Invader’.

See also: Hexstatic’s Street Fighter II video remix done in celebration of the recent release of Capcom’s Street Fighter IV.

[via Matteo Bittanti]

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  1. The kids and their music today. What was wrong with ole Frankie Sinatra? Now there was music, not all this boingy boingy razzamatazz.

  2. Sampology mixed this in his VJ/turntablist set at the GameOn exhibition here. Gotta check out his Pong beat juggle at the start. (1:15 for the impatient)

  3. After reading the above article and noting the date it was written, it seems Brandon Boyer is a bit behind the underground music/music video powercurve himself.
    – The above video I saw on BBC pirate TV, a whole year before this article was even posted.
    – I’m not impressed not seeing even a single ode to the Ninjatune label where Hexstatic does his best work.
    – Tell me what Kris Menace’s most popular work(s) is(are), and you’ll renew my faith.

    Sorry to burst your bubble Brandon, but your article above reeks of self-satisfaction. Do a better job keeping your finger on the pulse of modern underground music and videos.