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[James Kochalka‘s Monster Mii is a regular Offworld feature, with a new Mii monster (or two!) each time for you to download to your Wii. Once there, they’ll give you creepy stares from the sidelines of your Wii Sports, lap you rudely during your Wii Fit jogs, and in general liven up your Plaza and gaming day.]

Our latest edition of Monster Mii brings double the monster, double the Mii, with Mario Kart-loving Frozog and [his? her?] hard of hearing companion Trazzle coming in full, live color from their Frogger-esque bayou home.

To bring them home to your Wii, enter the Check Mii Out Channel’s Posting Plaza, click ‘Popular,’ then the ‘Search’ button at bottom. After that, hit the arrows at top right and enter in the following codes:

Frozog: 0370-5897-5394
Trazzle: 5121-3443-7371

James Kochalka's Monster Mii: Dorgie's Little Ol' Accident Edition …
James Kochalka's Monster Mii: Zex's Sexy X-mas edition
James Kochalka's Monster Mii – Kzorx

[James Kochalka‘s daily diary strips, which run at AmericanElf.com, have just entered their tenth year and been collected in three print volumes. He is also the author of more books and comics than you can count on both hands, including some that are excellent for children, and others not so much. All are excellent. James also plays rock and roll and Game Boy rock as James Kochalka Superstar, and recently exhibited artwork at Giant Robot’s GR2 gallery.]