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Japan based indie dev Kenta Cho is about as household a name as it’s going to get for fans of bullet-hell shooters. He’s the man behind nearly every abstract/vector shooter you’ve seen ported from one device to the next: rRootage, Noiz2sa, and most notably TUMIKI Fighters, which recently came to the Wii in modified form as Majesco’s Blast Works.

Now I see he’s discovered a new platform, Japan’s Wonderfl, a new service that lets you code ActionScript in one pane and have it update in playable live on the right, with the ability for other users to fork and build off your code.

You can catch his Flash experiments via his Wonderfl home page here, or skip directly to the meatier games like Ascii Art Ship and CircleCycle. None are quite as feature complete to the level of his other games, but that’s quite the point: feel free to pick up his slack where you can.

And if you’ve got any Wonderfl thngs to show us yourself, let us know via the comments below.

ABA Games Posted Codes [Wonderfl, via The2Bears, via IndieGames]

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