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Several months back you may have spotted, as I did, designer Craig ‘Superbrothers‘ Adams’ excellent pixel-art computer history video ‘Dot Matrix Revolution.’

Adams and I made some silent but knowing pact to become PlayStation Friends at its debut, but until this morning I was unaware he’d made a bold and beautiful move into the games sphere with The 1 Console.

What’s that? Adams explains:

THE 1 CONSOLE is an epic barebones blog-type thing on the topic of videogames.

THE 1 CONSOLE is a fevered dream-vision for simple minded utopists.

THE 1 CONSOLE is a public mental health issue.

THE 1 CONSOLE is constantly seeking worthwhile experiences.

THE 1 CONSOLE is designed for play with SUPERBROTHERS.

Currently up for your dense and info-rich perusal, Superbrothers’ breakdown of thatgamecompany’s new fl0wer, gorgeous 1console crew portraits with top games of this and last century, and a write-up on Adams’ recent Toronto games shindig.

The shindig brought together local indie names like N+ creators Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns for “some friendly chatter… [and] access to a series of carefully selected platform videogames on a variety of consoles and displays,” and, should it continue, will be the second strongest reason for me to visit the city soon, just below stalking Edgar Wright and co. as they continue filming the new Scott Pilgrim film.

The 1 Console [Superbrothers, thanks Adam!]

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