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The folks at Artsy Games Incubator have been doing a wonderful job recapping Toronto’s recent indie-all-star Artsy Game meetup, but it wasn’t until today’s entry that my ears perked up in a big way.

While Craig ‘superbrothers‘ Adams’ demoed his parodic and metaphorical A Hit Videogame on day three (the premise: a one-button baseball game that quickly devolves further away from predictable — like game development itself — at the cheering of industry executives), his day four game took a more serious turn.

Known for now as Alpinist, Adams’ game design takes its inspiration from ‘The Blizzard‘, one section of Kurosawa’s multi-part film Dreams. The game would see one player making an agonizing climb up a mountain during a blizzard, with, AGI notes, Prince of Persia-like precision jumping that takes into account gale force winds, and meters for your “body temperature, alertness and coherence.”

Adams is, of course, the artist behind the previously blogged Dot Matrix Revolution video and upstart the1console blog and the DESIGN REBOOT HD video which animated Braid creator Jonathan Blow’s provocative Montreal Game Summit lecture for futher discussion.

Alpinist currently still exists in design only, but hopefully we’ll see much more of it some time soon.

Round 4, Session 4 Recap [Artsy Games Incubator, superbrothers, the1console]

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