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My travels to San Francisco for GDC have delayed me from mentioning this, but for the rest of the weekend, Valve’s Steam service has put all its indie selection on discount, from Darwinia to Gish to World of Goo.

Also of note, Tale of Tales’ art/horror game The Path, above, has just been released on the service and comes recommended. Though I haven’t yet had the chance to play through the full version (and, frustratingly, won’t be able to until I’m back home in a week), but the short time I spent with its protagonist Ruby in last year’s GDC demo has had it high on my anticipated list since.

If you’ve played through their IGF nominated game The Graveyard, you’ll know generally what to expect: a similarly unconventional experience that, in contrast to the end-of-life reflection in that game, retells the Little Red Riding Hood story and approaches horror from a coming-of-age perspective of six young girls — the big bad wolf here represented by predatory men.

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