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Bob Silva — president of Offworld favorite comic/vinyl toy producer Muttpop (seriously, how perfectly sinister is Dr. Destruction) — has just written up a new blog post in which he reveals that Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers creators The Behemoth very nearly teamed up for an original multiplayer game.

Muttpop Bob says that soon after Alien Hominid‘s 2004 console debut, he presented the developer with a plan to base a new game off the Luchadores Five characters from Jerry Frissen’s Lucha Libre comic series.

Bob explains:

Behemoth had just released ALIEN HOMINID for the Gamecube and Xbox. I really felt like the spirit of that game had something in common with what we were doing. I heard that the Behemoth guys were thinking of doing a multiplayer game so I was trying to convince them to do one with the Luchadores Five and Tequila [below right]. Both Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin got back to me via email. They really loved the designs I sent them (I sent the 2 ‘pitch’ jpegs below and a few final pencils images of some of the other characters from Luchadores Five) and were going to talk to their investors about the possibility of collaboration.


They got back at me a few weeks later and said the investors didn’t feel comfortable investing in a game that they couldn’t have full ownership of (which I totally understood) but wished us well on our endeavors. That multiplayer game ended up becoming the amazing CASTLE CRASHERS. I assume they were already in development with Castle Crashers when I approached them. Whatever the circumstances, it was a great honor that those guys loved our designs enough that they considered collaborating (even if it was for just a second).

A shame all around: the Luchadores world is one I’d desperately love to explore first-hand — see more of their incredible characters in Muttpop’s Lucha Libre news section.

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