Not a day after originally mentioning the latest entry in Gaijin’s Bit.Trip WiiWare series, GameSpot gets the first exclusive video footage, and the extended look should be very warmly familiar territory for anyone that experienced the first.


Brandon Boyer

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So what’s Bit.Trip: Core? A much less action-oriented and more dedicated rhythm game compared to the original Beat, but still no less of a low-bit audiovisual feast. Core loses all of its movement and keeps your control limited to a mid-screen cross hair, which can stretch laser lines in any of the four d-pad directions, used to fire at travelling pixels when they come into your range on musical cue.

More than anything else, what Core retains from Beat — and might probably rightly be called the bond that ties the series together (apart from the obvious graphic design and progression up and down from monochrome to hyper-color 3D — is the necessary tactic of unfocusing your eyes and taking in the screen as a whole.

At least with the first, and by the looks of this second, it’s a game of hoping your periphery is up to the task of tracking motion, rather than trying to stare down any single pixel, especially in later, more challenging sections, where they start to pump fake and feint.

GameSpot have two additional videos alongside the one above: see their coverage for more hands-on details.

Bit.Trip Core Hands-On [GameSpot]

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